Portuguese American Artists Gallery

Christine DaCruz

Jersey City, New Jersey

Christine DaCruz is a skilled Digital Asset Manager for the International Rescue Committee. She is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Library Science at Pratt Institute, which will further enhance her expertise in managing digital assets. Christine graduated summa cum laude with a BFA degree from New Jersey City University. Her hand-embroidered artistic skills were recognized when she was selected as one of four artists for the national "Masterpiece of Love" advertising campaign for Prudential, which was launched in collaboration with the Newark Museum in October 2016. Christine's upbringing in the vibrant Portuguese community of the Ironbound in Newark, NJ, has had a profound impact on her creative mindset and artistic style. Her unique perspective and cultural influences have enabled her to excel in her field and contribute significantly to the organizations she serves.

WEBSITE: http://christinedacruz.co/

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/christudo_art

EMAIL: christinedacruzphotography@gmail.com or cdacruz@pratt.edu

Christine's art reflects the ever-changing nature of life and captures the fleeting moments of our existence, giving them a sense of permanence. Her creative process is flexible, allowing her to maintain the integrity of her work while also embracing spontaneity. By using ephemera, she highlights the transience of each moment and preserves a record of a single instance that might be otherwise forgotten. Ultimately, Christine's goal as an artist is to provide viewers with a new and meaningful perspective on the world, inviting engagement and reflection through bold colors, thought-provoking imagery, and subtle details.

Project Title: Femi- 

Year: 2021

Medium: Hand-stitched embroidery thread

Digital photography by Corina Caçoilo

Christine's journey of self-discovery and caregiving is the focus of this series. As she cares for her terminally ill mother, Christine realizes the importance of taking care of herself as well. Through this process, she discovers her purpose and how to move forward after her mother's passing. Adapting to change and remaining open to new information is crucial in life, and Christine finds healing and guidance through the animal-human connection. The animals in this series represent life, death, and rebirth, and by sitting with her work, Christine visualizes the emotions associated with it. Art is her language, and it allows her to feel good about being alive, restoring balance to her body and spirit. Through this journey, Christine learns to ground herself, find peace, and celebrate her life.