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Elizabeth Casqueiro


Elizabeth Casqueiro is a visual artist from Portugal. She came to live in the US first as a high school exchange student and later as a graduate student. She works from her studios in Washington, DC, and Easton, Maryland. In addition to her background in design and architecture, Elizabeth pursued art studies at the Escola  Superior de Belas Artes in Lisbon, Central Saint Martin’s College of Art in London, the Corcoran College of Art and Design, and the Washington Studio School in DC.

After a career as a corporate architect with the World Bank Group, during which she traveled to the far reaches of the globe, she became a full-time artist. She exhibits in the Washington DC metropolitan area and other cities in the United States, as well as in Portugal and the UK. Her artwork is in a number of private and corporate collections.

Website: elizabethcasqueiro.com
Email: ecasq@his.com
Instagram: #elizabethcasqueiro

    Diversions 6 – 2020. Acrylic and ink on panel.  10 x 10”In.  (0,25 x 0,25 m)

I explore the intersection between the manmade, the natural, and the imagined through the lens of someone who has forged a life in foreign cities, sustained by memories of a childhood garden and the values of another time and place.  Does the path of the immigrant hold a parallel to the journey of humankind, as we move from place to place, from identity to identity, and from challenge to challenge? Where is the sweet spot for a balanced co-existence, what is the role of instability, and how do we navigate around the points of no return?
My work is populated with elements that shaped my early perceptions of America, like heroes from well-thumbed comic books and the compelling world of architecture and industry. Other details serve as anchor, such as Portuguese paving patterns and symbolic flowers. And throughout there are unsettling reminders of colliding forces, forsaken paths, and youthful opinions.

Convolution – 2020. Acrylic and ink on canvas. 68 x 28 “In.  (1,72 x 0,71 m)
Configuration – 2020. Acrylic and ink on canvas. 68 x 28”In.   (1,72 x 0,71 m)

Tipping Point – 2020. Acrylic on canvas. 30 x 24”In.  (0,76 x 0,60 m)

Shaky Days – 2020. Acryilc on canvas. 30 x 40 “In.  (0,76 x 1,00 m)

Diversions 4 – 2020. Acrylic and ink on panel. 10 x 10” In.  (0,25 x 0,25 m)

The Umbrella – 2020. Acrylic on canvas. 30 x 24” In. (0,76 x 0,60 m)
Calibration – 2020. Acrylic and ink on canvas. 68 x 28”In.  (1,72 x 0,71 m)

Emergence – 2020. Acrylic and ink on canvas. 24 x 18” In.(0,60 x 0,45 m)
Zip, Zing, and Pow – 2020. Acyrlic and ink on canvas. 72 x 60”In.(1,82 x 1,52 m)