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Eric Jay Santos

New Bedford, Massachusetts

Eric Jay Santos, also known as Ewreckage, is a Luso-American musical artist from New Bedford, Massachusetts. His discography consists of three albums, ‘Eccentric’ (2020), ‘Ruby’(2021), and ‘Iconic’ (2023). Numerous of Santos’ songs have charted at #1 on the iTunes Portugal Singles chart.

Outside of music, Santos reports on the Boston Celtics for Inside The Celtics, an affiliate site of Sports Illustrated. He also works as an English Language Development teacher and holds a BA in English and Secondary Education from Bridgewater State University.

E-MAIL: ericjaysantos@msn.com

“Crystal Blue” is inspired by Portugal’s sandy beaches with crystal-clear water. The first few bars suggest simplicity found in early-2000s summer nostalgia before switching to a thumpingly orchestral bass line. It’s a juxtaposition - a playful percussion and pomp-filled undercurrent sparred beneath delicate vocals. The festival-esque flashback is a love letter to summers gone.

“Ocean” is the staple of my discography. The melodic mix of poppy instruments evokes a catchy, light-hearted sound. It keeps things to the essentials, radiating a warm, inviting disposition. Its playful lyrics are reflective of the teenage experience.