Portuguese American Artists Gallery

Goretti Avis Carvalho

Watsonville, CA

At the age of 16 I immigrated from the island of Terceira located in the Azores, Portugal  to Watsonville California. In Terceira, I studied at Escola Industrial and Commercial de Angra do Heroísmo. I attended Formação Feminina, where I studied English, French, geometric art, sculpting, still life, and multimedia. My plan was to teach art and attend Belas Artes in Lisbon. I didn’t quite follow this path instead I channeled my creative energy into hair design by becoming a cosmetologist. Alongside becoming a cosmetologist I opened my own hair salon in Watsonville, California which I ran for over 25 years.

I am versed in several mediums such as: oils, watercolors, acrylics, and many others. I find that acrylics are my go to, as I have more control in the outcome, all the while my passion lies in oil. Oil is a longer somewhat therapeutic process. That process transcends inspiration into a feeling.

To this day I am heavily influenced by my portuguese culture; The landscape, the people, and the overall feel of my beautiful island. From the sound of the waves crashing, to the fragrance of the native plants. This sensation stays ingrained in my mind, it’s a piece of me, my origin, I transmit this vibrance and feeling into my artwork. In fear of losing this esthesis that i long... 
My imagination runs wild when creating my art pieces. I express my art through not just paint but in music. Both begin with inspiration and are taken over by travels where no words are required but, you are left with a feeling… Art is my life.

email: goretticar@aol.com

I would define Myself as a traditional landscape, seascape, and still life naturalist. While I am detail oriented, I try to capture a mood in my paintings.
For me inspiration comes naturally, it surrounds me. Beauty is found so often in nature; drawing me in through its diversity of landscapes, people, water, and wildlife. Im marrying those inspiration‘s to my experiences and memories to create a story; my artwork