Portuguese American Artists Gallery

Isabel Pavão

New York

Isabel Pavão has a PhD in Arts from New York University and has lived and worked in New York since 1990. Her work is often exhibited in New York City, and in museums and galleries all over the world, and is owned by public and private collections worldwide. Isabel supports many universities, arts schools and museums through her involvement as a curator, invited artist or as  guest professor. She presents on contemporary art, on art projects dealing with her work, pedagogical issues and aesthetics. Isabel is a member of the Portuguese Council of Diaspora.


Blue Star, 2019 - Mixed Media on Canvas (18x24” In.) 

Impressions series:

This series of works show an interplay of transition between organic forms and geometric structures, and sense of colors.
The creation of the images deals with the act of painting and drawing with images digitally reworked and reimpressed/superimposed from my own paintings.

A posteriorly, from this process I restructure, paint and draw on the painterly surface again rediscovering new images. The name Impressions refers to various layers of meanings as well as a working process. There is a meaning of psychological imprint as well as the physicality of repetition of the same image as a module to create new images in layers and construct new spaces/ surfaces. Naturally there is also the reference to Impressionism in the pointillist technique, a constant of my work for 30 years as well as its relationship with the artists in the 19th century who conceptualized art and technique of color,

The techniques used are photography, inkjet/acrylic/pastel/graphite on paper or on canvas.

Rose Green Memories, 2020 - Acrilic-Pastel on Canvas (18x24” In.) 

              Veiled Green Rose, 2019 - Acrilic-Pastel on Canvas (18x24” In.)

Turquoise-Magenta ReflectionsImpressions Series, 2019 - Acrilic-Pastel on Canvas

Blue Reflections, 2019 - Acrilic-Pastel on Canvas (18x24” In.)  
Veiled imannences, 2020 - Acrilic-Pastel on Canvas (70 x 60” In.) 
Red Imannence, 2020 - Acrilic-Pastel on Canvas (18x24” In.)
Veiled Immanence II, 2020 - Acrilic-Pastel on Canvas (18x20” In.)
Purple Green Reflections, 2020 - Acrilic-Pastel on Canvas (18x24” In.)