Portuguese American Artists Gallery

Patricia Silva

New York

Patricia Silva is a Lisbon-born visual artist specializing in photography and video to facilitate deeper understandings about long-term immigration, the limits of identities, and diasporic renewals of self to place(s). Formally trained at The School of Visual Arts (BFA Photography), and Bard College (MFA, Advanced Photographic Study).

Working with structural visual literacies, Patricia is an internationally exhibited artist making innovative photographic projects, photo books, short films, while working as an artist, educator, and consultant based in New York City.Website: www.patriciasilva.com

Contact : patricia.silva.studio@gmail.com

Signs of Life

Signs of Life is a selection of often-rearranged images presenting a constant slippage between sites and sights to explore the language of immigration/emigration.

Examining visual relationships across eras, geographies, and place, the framework for my work emerges from evolving study of visual culture and fluid states of interconnectedness.

Night Walks
2012/2017 C-Print, 2 0”x24”

Static Between Waves (GSM-1800/1900) 2011/2018
C-Print, 2 0”x24”

The Wrong Island
2010/2017 C-Print, 2 0”x24”

Pin-hole of the Atlantic
2012/2017 C-Print, 2 0”x24”

Rosie (As Gran’s Body Passed),
2012/2017 C-Print, 2 0”x24”

Film still from Aventurine, DCP, 3:00, 2013
Cinema on the Well Curve C-Print, 20”x24,” 2018

2012/2018 C-Print, 2 0”x24”

2012/2017 C-Print, 2 0”x24”

Impulse to Dial
2012/2021 C-Print, 2 0”x24”

Another Scentless Expanse
2012/2017 C-Print, 2 0”x24”