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Paula Lauzon

Durham, North Carolina

I was born Maria Paula Lauzon, in Fall River, Massachusetts, USA. My Mother is the late Maria  A. Lauzon, (Sousa), born in Relva, Sao Miguel Island (homemaker/seamstress) and my father is  the late Paul M. Lauzon, born in Fall River MA (a former U.S. Postal Worker).

My love of acting and film was instilled by my parents, whose passion for film ranged from  Spaghetti Westerns to classic horror, suspense, musicals, and iconic films like Casablanca, The Wizard of Oz, The Sound of Music, and King Kong.

Inspired by classic Hollywood icons Myrna Loy and Lucille Ball, I cut my acting teeth in a handful  of school plays in Elementary School when I lived outside of Boston. Later, when living in Fall  River, I had begun my relationship with the Little Theatre of Fall River (LTFR) Company, by being  part of the Ensemble Cast of Jesus Christ Superstar and Titanic-The Musical. After some time, I  eventually became known for my role as “Aunt Eller” at the production of R&H’s Oklahoma. My  final stint with the LTFR was in the production of Monty Python’s Spamalot, where I was joined  by my son, Jacob. It was during this final production, that I began doing “extra” work for a  variety of films and commercials, in Boston and NYC.

I honed my craft through Master Acting Classes with former Days of Our Lives star, Steve  Blackwood, and continued acting in local theatre and music videos, including The Portuguese  Kids, 'Thrift Shop Parody'. 

In 2015, I decided to make the leap to commercial work, and quickly became recognized as a  diverse character actress both in film and on television shows. 

Eventually, I broke in to both nationally and internationally known music videos such as, King Lil  G’s, Cold Christmas, Franz Ferdinand’s, Feel the Love, Oliver Tree’s, Miracle Man and Trisha  Paytas’, What Dreams Are Made Of.

I can be seen in a variety of national ads from Lyrica (print ad), as well as TV/video ads. My face  has become quite familiar in Ring’s, ‘Secure Mani/Pedi’ Commercial, Jardience, Glucerna, and  Chase. I have also had roles in Unusual Suspects, Murder Book Mystery, VETTv, Deadline: Crime  with Tamron Hall, and can be seen in many more various television shows and movies.

As well, I have had roles in student films and short films, all of which have been submitted and  won various awards at Film Festivals around the Country and at Cannes.

Along with the Durham School of Acting, and HarLau Casting, I opened my film production  company, in June 2019, HarLau Productions and have recently completed filming my short film,  ‘Consequences’, by local writer, Matt Higgins. I have directed many short films and music  videos.

I am a Member of the Television Academy and a judge in the Burbank International Film  Festival, The Raleigh Film and Art Festival and The Annual Daytime Emmy® Awards for ©The  National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

WEBSITE: https://www.harlauproductions.com/

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/HarLauProductions313/

E-MAIL: plauzon@harlauproductions.com

YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/@harlauproductions5913

IMDB: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6340022/

Daniel Ray’s Short Horror Film ‘One-Leg’ 2020 Co-Directed With Paula Lauzon

Introducing Matt Torain As ‘One-Leg’, Daniel Ray Stars In This Gruesome Thriller Along With Varshay Graham, Jessenia Mills, Willard McKiver, Milton Saul, Bronson Taylor, Ronny Dunson, Andrew Montgomery Coleman, Kay Barnes, Ashley Blake, Tone' Love, Jaxson Jones, Barbara Myles, Isiah Jenkins, Germona Sharp, Tyanna West, Michelle Charlene, Veronica Yelverton, Nick Iammatteo, Nicholas Pirro, Nicholas Todaro, Lee Darnell, Jaures Cobbin, Clifton Pearsall, Laura Justad, And McCarty Kennedy

Introducing Daniel Robinson, Sr.

In 1961, 59 People Were Brutally Murdered In A Small Town In North Carolina. One Person Survived. The Killer Was Never Found. No One Has Seen The Killer, Except For The Person Who Survived The Brutality At The Hands Of The Slaughter. That Person, Witnessed That Horrific Event And Has Not Said A Word Since That Day. It Is Now 2020, And A Family From Connecticut Is Visiting North Carolina, To Soon Find Out That The Town That They Just Arrived In For Their Family Reunion, Has A Mystery And There Is A One-Legged Killer On The Loose. But Why, After All These Years, Is A Return Imminent?

A Young Couple Takes A Needed Vacation To Escape From The Distractions Of Work And To Mend Their Deteriorating Relationship. But As Jeff Can't Find A Break From Work, Annie Loses Herself In The Beauty Of The Home They're Staying At And Its Former Inhabitants That May Still Reside There.

Love And Lust

As Carrie Struggles To Keep The Attention Of Her One And Only, She Discovers His Ex Is The Distracting Culprit. Finding Solace In A Stranger--Carrie Realizes That He Too Is Involved In Her Wicked Love Triangle. As The Plot Thickens, Has Carrie Found A Way To Stick It To Her Boyfriend Once And For All Or Find The Way Back To Him? Let The Games Begin.


Nykolas Zollbrecht Documented Filmmaker And Producer Paula Lauzon.

For His Capstone COMM Project At UNC Chapel Hill, NC, Graduate,Filmmaker And 1st A.D.,

Prior to entering the film industry as an Actor and Film Director, I’d worked as a legal assistant  and later as an administrator and business developer. Working in the legal field taught me critical problem solving and fast paced decision making, as well as the value of intensive  research. Working in business development taught me analytics. It taught me how to observe  and adapt in the field and how to gauge potential. These skills have proven invaluable in my work in the film and television industry. 

I have a Director’s Reel (that I’m still working to compile because of the numerous projects that  I’ve been working on)

As Director, I’ve worked on ‘One-Leg’ which I cast and directed, in 2019.

I co-directed, ‘Love and Lust’ with writer/director, Rebecca Kirsh.

I’ve directed four music videos for local up and coming music artist, Jessenia Mills. I’ve Executive Produced ‘Host’ as well, by local writer and director, Pat Baker.

Except for ‘Host’, all film and music videos were produced in North Carolina, where I currently  reside.

In September 2019, I opened The Durham School of Acting as well as my production company. I  have also been a casting director for numerous local projects. 

My goal for HarLau Productions, LLC is to Direct films and television series that deal in various genres through the acquisition and development of high-quality screenplays.