Portuguese American Artists Gallery

Silvia Curado

New York, NY

Silvia Curado is a New Yorker Portuguese scientist with a passion split between science and art.

Through the lens of her unique perspective, she uses photography to capture the spaces “in between"- where different layers of truth meet.

Silvia holds a PhD in Genetics and Cell Biology. She has done research in different countries and cities and is currently Faculty researcher and Director at New York University. She is the author of a book on genetics, its potential and societal implications. Silvia is also the president of the Portuguese-American Postgraduate Society (PAPS).

Contact: sicurado@gmail.com

Raw Beauty at the End of the World
Patagonia, 2014

Silvia Curado uses photography as the medium that connects the worlds she lives in, often comprising of overlapping layers. Variants of truth emerge from these layers in unexpected and strangely familiar ways. By capturing random, and often surreal, reflections, projections and juxtapositions, dust, water, glass, sunlight and treescapes merge together to form another world with another truth that is left open for the viewers to insert themselves in. Her photographs become narratives of the imagination. Fiction and truth intermingle in a place where we see fiction as truth and truth as fiction.

Foamy Sky
Stinson Beach - California, 2007

Salty Sky
Figueira da Foz, 2017

“In Between” speaks to what lies between spaces and also to what connects them. Those who leave what is familiar to them, be it country or home, know this feeling well. The soul starts to live in between two realities - both of which we know to be true. One starts living between two truths. When this happens, the mind subconsciously wants to connect them and looks for overlaying meanings that often show themselves in the overlapping of layers. In search for an anchor, in that space in between, as if to ground the soul against a feeling of being constantly adrift.

 Reflections in Transit (I) - New York Subway
 New York, 2012

 Reflections in Transit (II) - Lisbon Subway
 Lisbon, 2016

Fallen Petals on Trees
New York, 2014

Brick Skyline
New York, 2015

 Water & Tower
 New York, 2016

 Ghost Line
 New York, 2012