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Yuri Alves

Newark, New Jersey

Yuri Alves is a self-taught, award-winning filmmaker, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to Portuguese parents. Raised in Newark, New Jersey. Alves grew up fascinated by cinema and started to experiment in high school by creating narrative and documentary films including the “world’s first” 9/11 documentary. Alves has gone on to write and direct television, commercials, and short films in the USA and Europe. Yuri Alves directed two primetime dramatic series, starring Diogo Morgado (The Bible), “Tempo Final” (2010), and “Filha de Lei” (2017), both to critical acclaim and is currently in post-production on the new series “RZR” (2024), the cast includes Hollywood veterans Danny Trejo, Bafta nominee Mena Suvari and Emmy winner Richard Cabral.

Alves’s short films have been screened at prestigious festivals such as Raindance, HBO NY Latino Film Festival, Montclair Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Lincoln Center, and Tribeca Cinemas. In 2018, Alves’s feature screenplay “Ironbound” was a semi-finalist at the Sundance Screenwriters Lab.  Alves’s most renowned shorts include, “On the Cusp”, “Broken Clouds”, “Exit Road", and “Grind” (which picked up an Emmy in 2022). Alves earned a bachelor’s degree in Media Arts from New Jersey City University.  Alves won his second Emmy in 2022 for “Emerge”, a live concert film he directed and co-produced featuring the world-renowned New Jersey Symphony Orchestra led by Maestra Xian Zhang. The trilogy was picked up by PBS and has garnered acclaim for its enthralling visual approach, powerful message, and timeless music.

ARTIST WEBSITE: https://www.yurialves.com/

EMAIL: yuri@yurialves.com

VIMEO: https://vimeo.com/showcase/1802086

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/yurialvescinema/


This format-bending profile of Robert Wilmote reveals the story of a Liberian refugee forced to flee the most drastic and terrible circumstances imaginable. Having narrowly escaped the ravages of war in Africa, Robert’s struggles continue in the U.S. when he succumbs to the gangster lifestyle, only to become a convicted felon. At his absolute bottom, Robert knew he was meant for greater good. Through dramatic reenactments, featuring Robert himself, we discover how Robert's passion for fitness and helping others empowered him to transcend a life of violence and become a living legend.


Tommy Cuba, a renowned skateboarder from Newark, has competed in numerous tournaments and been profiled in top skating magazines. He is one of the founders of “Shorty’s Skate Park,” built by hand from scraps, has become a legendary hub for skating enthusiasts from all over the country. Despite a motherless childhood, Tommy owns a timeless joy for life and generosity of spirit that captivates all those around him. Yet, his deliberately insulated world cannot prepare him for the looming forces of change. The multiple award winning short has screened in festivals worldwide and received top honors, winning the Jury's Choice Award at the 37th Black Maria Film Festival.


Dane thought he left his demons and his drug addiction behind him, but his first day out of prison challenges both his promise to go clean and his very survival. Having exhausted the sympathy of others in neighborhood, Dane’s desperation leads him to test his fate… and grapple with whether his journey leads him to salvation or back into the jaws of addiction.


This short documentary explores the melancholic music of Portugal known as "fado", renowned for expressing the unique sentiment of "saudade," and designated as an UNESCO world cultural asset. Nathalie Pires, the first American fado singer to tour internationally, reveals her origins, passions, and fears, while her fado godmother, the legendary Anita Guerreiro, and oldest touring "fadista" in the world, reflects on her epic career. The film includes intimate yet sweeping performances from these inter-generational ambassadors of a musical art form that mesmerizes audiences worldwide.



RZR is a new sci-thriller series that takes you into a dystopian world of neural implants, artificial intelligence, and the underbelly of black-market crime.

CAST: David Bianchi (Queen of the South), Bafta winner Mena Suvari (American Beauty), Danny Treijo (Machete, Heat), Emmy winner Richard Cabral (Mayans), Christopher Marquette (Barry), Emilio Rivera (Mayans), and Setareki Wainiqolo.


EMERGE: An NJSO Concert Film Trilogy

Music Director Xian Zhang leads the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra back on the main stage to masterfully conduct a striking selection of orchestral works, showcased in a uniquely intimate style by maverick filmmaker Yuri Alves, who complements the live performances with mesmerizing visuals beyond the stage. DreamPlay Films 2021.